Fishing for likes. A questionable personal branding technique.

I originally posted this article on via LinkedIn, to see the original click here

For those of you who are unaware of this concept, Fishing for likes can be defined as the practise of posting content that with the prospect of simply gaining likes rather than educating, entertaining or provoking discussion.

This tends to be a technique used by interest groups on Facebook to gather a larger audience. The Facebook news feed you see not only shows status updates and pictures that a user wishes to share, but it also shares user’s activity with others. I’m sure you will have seen “Dave liked Fitness Daily’s photo*” and the aforementioned photo on your feed.

LinkedIn’s news feed works in the same way.

However, my concern is the implications of being a fisherman in the land of likes and the fact that these techniques spread to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is marketed as a site for professionals to connect, publish content and discuss professional matters. So why are people fishing for likes? I have produced a small list of the Pro’s and Con’s of this technique on LinkedIn.


  • Increased visibility for of your name due to likes from peers.
  • Feeling of validation due to a higher number of likes than usual.
  • Some people may visit your profile after seeing your post.


  • You haven’t posted intellectual content on a professional network.
  • Increased visibility of your non-intellectual content due to likes from your peers.
  • The chance of a reputation as ‘that guy’ who always posts rubbish.

This is just a small list however I am sure with a little bit of work and larger amount of time, I could expand the second section of this list.

So would you say it is worth it? To post content that goes against the oldest rules of content marketing?

I would say no.

But at the end of the day, at least you would get thirty likes from people you don’t know.

What could be an easier way of getting your name out on the largest online professional network?


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