How to make your email marketing go further.

Email marketing is often a debated area, some people say it is a dying art, other state it is bigger than ever.

No matter what you believe, it is still an important channel for marketing communication and will stay that way until something amazing comes along and blows it out of the water.

In today’s business environment, email marketing is a lot more vital in the B2B role than B2C.

Within B2C, there are many other ways to communicate with your target customer on an everyday timescale however in the B2B area, email marketing is the go-to method for reaching potential clients.

In the last few months, I have attended several marketing conferences and exhibitions. At each one, there is always at least one speaker ready to teach the audience how to make your email marketing more effective.

At each seminar, I have sat at the front and absorbed their knowledge like a marketing sponge.

Tips for more effective email marketing.

1. Get rid of those sidebars.

Sidebars detract from the core message of your email. If you’re effectively targeting your audience, why do you need a sidebar to display more information?

Introduce your customer to the key topics in the email and plant the seed of curiosity. Let them discover your company for themselves, not only does this make the customer feel less pressured into purchasing, when you find a customer who has taken the journey from email to purchase, you know they are committed to your brand. Keep aiming your marketing at people like them.

2. Retargeting should be your best friend.

When you send an email campaign, you should always remember to monitor it. Check the analytics, look at your open and click-through rates. Who opened it? What do they do? This will give you an insight into who is interested in your brand and help with refining that future targeting.

Send a follow up email to those who you know opened the first, and send a different email to those who know did not open it. Try to figure out why they didn’t open it, could you try re-wording the subject line?

The key to conversion is nurturing an email relationship. It may be a one-sided relationship to begin with, in fact 90% of them may even unsubscribe! But the 10% you are left with, they are your dedicated brand advocates.

3. Stay on top of technology.

Have you seen that tab on Gmail called “Promotions”? When was the last time you checked it to see what companies had sent you? Because that’s where most of your emails will probably end up.

Those clever people at Spiceworks have discovered that , 22% of users have Gmail accounts, so that is almost a quarter of your potential business lost. The key is to inform your audience rather than promote a product, this will lead to your email finding its way to the correct inbox you are aiming for.

If you are finding low open rates coming from your Gmail addressees, I would suggest creating a personal Gmail account and experimenting by sending content to yourself until you find an approach that works for you.

I will most likely update this list as time goes on and I learn more. If you would suggest any other tips, feel free to leave them in the comments. I hope this helps…

Happy emailing!


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