In June 2014, Xceed Group began to host it’s first webinars. Being part of the team at this time has been an enlightening experience. It turns out, unless you are a massive company with thousands of followers, it is very hard to effectively market a webinar.

However, I have picked up a few ideas and few tips from my more experienced peers which have really helped me learn the ropes…

Tips for effective marketing and running of a webinar.

1. Super – precise targeting is key.

Key questions: Why are we doing it? Who’s the audience and What do they get out of it?

Ensure you know your audience. Talk to your experts hosting the webinar, what people would they expect to attend? What job titles and industries are you aiming at?

Once you have a target profile, you can scour LinkedIn for potential attendees, you can target your company updates and join the correct groups to further spread the message.

2. Know your audience.

Sit in on the rehearsals, knowing the content the webinar is one thing, but actually knowing the subject well really benefits when convincing others to attend.

This comes from personal experience, until this month, I had no idea about the benefits of Smart Data in the Finance Industry. In fact, I had no idea about Smart Data in general. I joined groups on LinkedIn to promote our webinar and I was sat at the computer thinking “how do I communicate with these guys?”

After learning about the topic, I felt a lot more comfortable discussing the event and the content with others.

3. Fake it till you make it. Test it, practice it and listen to yourself.

Don’t let on that you are not a pro at the webinar game, put in loads of preparation and you’ll give off the impression that you are an expert.

If you’re low on numbers on the day, don’t go begging for registrations, make others believe they want to be there. “Only 3 hours left to register, limited places left”

4. Get advice.

Talk to others who are experienced with webinars. If you think you’ll need help, ask for it. It is incredible how many small issues may come up on the day and having somebody in there who has dealt with issues before to advise on how to iron them out makes all the difference.

5. Send multiple reminders to your invitees.

Many people may register for a webinar, but then not remember on the day. Remember to send an email on the morning of the event, gently reminding your invitees that your webinar is today along with the joining instructions.

Below is an outline of how often you should email your invitees.

  1. 1 email 2 weeks before to promote
  2. 1 email 1 week before to remind
  3. 1 email on the day to increase number of attendees

A big thank you to Cindy Berichon for the assistance writing this article.

If you have any more suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments! As I run more webinars, I will document the new things I learn here in addition to any of your suggestions.

Good Luck!


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