How can you improve your B2B social marketing online?

In the last few months, I have attended several marketing conferences and exhibitions. At each seminar, I have sat at the front and absorbed their knowledge like a marketing sponge. I am always trying to learn new things; I would like to share my newly gained knowledge with you.

Targeted marketing is best done inside online communities and forums; these are safe areas away from the fast moving social traffic where you can gain immediate feedback from inside forums. In addition, there is a much higher level of engagement as almost everyone sees your content.

Pause before you post. Stop and ask yourself; would you speak to somebody this way? Online, people expect to be address to by people. Ditch the corporate persona and adopt a more personal approach.

This leads onto the next point, people would rather speak to an individual from a company than the company page. It is important to have the company page as this acts as a landing point and a great platform for announcements, however be sure to also create personal accounts for staff.

For example, on twitter, we have @XceedGroup as our company page but in addition, I also run my personal Xceed account, @albertxceed.

Empowering your employees as digital advocates is one of the most powerful strategies at your disposal, however executing it well can be complex.


Executing your social media strategy. Don’t dive in straight away, take a back seat and monitor the topics people talk about. Try to work a content marketing strategy round the wants and needs of your target audience.

Stay with it, marketing is similar to fishing, just because you don’t get a bite right away, it doesn’t mean aren’t doing it right. The key is figuring out the difference between when the fish aren’t near you and when they’re just not biting.

Embrace the negative feedback; somebody is upset with your product or service. Don’t respond immediately, take a step back and look at what went wrong and offer a fix. More likely than not, by providing a fix and showing the customer you care, you can turn your negative feedback into a great piece of positive feedback. This is basic customer service however it is surprising how many companies just apologise and don’t make any changes.

Everyone is an influencer. A great deal of companies forget this. Joe Bloggs may have a small online following to judge him by, but you never know he may be the best connected person offline. Treat everyone like they could be your next biggest buyer and you’ll find yourself getting a more positive press from ordinary people.

To summarise:

-Speak normally
-Person not company
-Embrace the negative
-Create positive feedback
-Influencers are everywhere.

As I have said in previous posts, I am always welcome to suggestions on how to expand this list and improve it. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments and I will add them in and give you credit when I re-write the article!

Happy Marketing!


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