A smart person once said, “Understanding your customers is the holy grail”.

I disagree.

Understanding engaged customers is the holy grail.

In today’s environment, customers can usually be fitted into one of two categories; passive customers who buy the product but are externally silent and active customers, the ones who may not necessarily buy a lot, but when they do, they rave about it.

Active customers are ones who write reviews on your site, informing others about the product.

“81% of consumers use reviews when shopping online, a YouGov survey revealed last year and they can have a big impact on sales. Richard Anson, chief executive at review site Reevoo, claims its retail partners see an average sales lift of 18% as a result of conversion rate improvement, higher average order value and better visitor returns.” (Retail Week, What are the the benefits of customer reviews?)

Active customers tend to have large social networks and often able to influence others.

Active customers are the ones who are engaged with your brand.

So how do you identify an active customer?

The easiest way to find your active customer base is digitally, by utilising social listening tools such as Radian6, it is possible to see what people are digitally saying about products.

If you find a person who seems particularly keen, monitor the quality and frequency of their blog posts, hunt them down in forum discussions; find reviews they have written about other products.

Once you have identified your active customers, treat them well; make sure they know that you want them to be happy.

After all, these are the people who can make or break your brand.

Image from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Retail Week Article: http://www.retail-week.com/topics/retail-surgery/what-are-the-the-benefits-of-customer-reviews/5024762.article


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