The scrapbook project.

For the past year or so, I’ve been debating about creating a scrapbook. Somewhere to store things that remind me of the great adventures that come with setting up a company.

I have two ideas of how I would manage it.

One – Buy a really big paperback book with blank pages. Start in January and stick in memorable bits and pieces from my travels. Add notes as required, maybe even write passages if the day was eventful enough.

My issue with this idea is that it would be tough to stay committed and follow it through for the whole year. That’s a lot of time dedicated to one project and if I miss some days or a certain event, my internal perfectionist would be so angry.

Two – Buy a smaller paperback book with blank pages. Take it with me when I go on a particularly exciting adventures. Glue in things like plane tickets, leaflets, pictures. Add notes as I go along.

Once the journey is done, I would tear out the unused pages and then put the book in my bookcase ready for the day I want to recall an adventure or show a friend.

I think the second idea is more feasible for me. It’s hard to get me dedicated to a project, especially an intensive one which will require me to collect things, write passages and remain organised.

My life is busy. I often don’t have time to value just how lucky I am and how fortunate I am to be young and energised enough to keep going all the time. I hope a project like this would give me a glimpse into my own life and provide a snapshot of my life back then and how I’ve grown since then.

I think our next big adventure will be CES if we can sort out logistics before it’s too late. If not CES, then probably Mobile World Congress or a non-work adventure.

Hopefully I’ll remember to buy a blank scrapbook before I go.



Trusting your staff is hard.

I’ve built this company from the ground up, nurtured it by putting in thousands of hours of work.

Now I’m about to hand over part of my responsibility to somebody and trust they’ll run it well. I know they’ll never love the company like I do. Why should they? It’s not their baby.

I have to trust that I’ve made the right choice. That I’ve chosen a candidate who will really give it their all and help me to grow this company and look to the future.

I find it hard to trust people, I’m not sure if its because I’ve been burned in the past, because I’m too protective of my company or a mix of both?

Today I messed up. I chose to not trust somebody that I should have. Somebody who I have trusted for the past six months. They’re leaving the company and somewhere in my brain I decided that makes them untrustworthy when really that’s not the case at all. They’re leaving the company because it’s time to move onto something new, nothing to do with screwing me over or damaging my business. Yet, that’s where my decision-making process took me to. I was defensive, over protective and I fear I have damaged a professional relationship with a colleague and friend.

Trust is hard but sometimes you should take a leap of faith. It’s easier not to trust somebody but being closed off won’t help you succeed.