A rough start

Week 1. 51 weeks left.

It’s a new year and it’s already been a tough week.

Owning a business is hard and often stressful. We’re having issues with cash flow and it’s quickly turning into bad debt.

We’re owed money from a couple of customers who have been especially slow at paying over the New Year period. It’s really disheartening knowing that you’ve worked hard and earned the money but it’s just not turning up in your bank account. Issues like this are common for a small business, you just have to learn from it and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

I can’t let issues like this get me down. I have to focus on the highlights of the week. 

1. We’ve did a bit a work of PWC. That’s a pretty huge name to get on the client list!

2. My brother, who I haven’t seen for four years, came to visit.

3. We’ve got a whole bunch of new business emails sat in the inbox, hopefully it’ll lead to some exciting work and sort out our cash flow issues.

4. VR Connects takes place in a week. We’ve been on the advisory board for the conference and it’s been awesome to help organise something of this scale. I’m also compering on stage for day 1, it’s my first time doing something like this. Always exciting to be put outside your comfort zone.

5. I got to go to the gym at least once. I will burn off the festive shame that comes with eating chocolate for breakfast.

6. A client paid and we made some money this week by selling off some older kit. I’m one step closer to digging my way out of this overdraft.

This entry isn’t quite as long as I would want it to be but it’s a start. As I continue, I expect these to get longer. For now it’ll do.

Let’s get week 2 going. See you soon.



The New Year’s Resolution.

A habit usually takes around 6 weeks to form, which means I get to week 6 then it’s likely I’ll make it to 52. If I don’t get to 6, then … I won’t get to 52 either.

For my new years resolution, I pledge to write a weekly blog post detailing my journey as an entrepreneur. My aim is that I will be able to give my readers an insight into the life of a young business owner.

I want to take more photos too so I’ll do my best to litter these posts with imagery and snapshots of my life.

I’m hoping to develop the habit of weekly writing for a number of reasons.

  1. Maintain and further improve my writing ability.
  2. Provide a means of catharsis during my stress filled and busy weeks.
  3. Keep a log of what I’ve achieved for the times when I’m feeling lost or down.

Lets see how this goes…