An overdue update.

I made a new years resolution to blog at least once a week. I’ve been crazy busy so this is weeks 2-6 rolled up into one.

It’s been a frantic few weeks. So, what did I get up to?

We had a lot of new business fall onto our lap in week 2 that needed to be acted on, I spent weeks 3 and 4 in northern Spain working on a VR activation for a client (more on this later), week 5 was spent catching up on everything I missed whilst I was out of the country.

And now we’re here in week 6. If I had continually blogged each week it would be starting to become a habit by now, but hey, at least I came back to it.

Week 2:

My week 1 blog talked about our rough start to 2017, we were waiting on payments from clients, there were overdue bills to be paid, things were looking pretty grim.

Week 2 started on a low and then very rapidly accelerated into a super positive.

Monday – 9am the bank being told that my credit score was too low to restructure my credit card debt. I currently have a £3000 sat on a credit card that incurs £60 of interest every month, I wanted to try and restructure my debt so my interest rate is lower. I’m happy to continue paying £60 each month but it would be nice to begin chipping away at the debt. It was a bit of a let down for me considering I had resolved to actively manage my finances and take responsibility for my debts.

The new plan is to sell a kidney on the black market to pay off the debt, who needs them anyway?

FYI, starting a business with no money and no investment will initially destroy your credit score. Still, the entrepreneurial journey is absolutely worth it… but don’t buy dumb things on a credit card.

By 2pm, we had closed a deal that would get us out of business overdraft and there were two new overseas business trips in the calendar. One of which involved flying to Bilbao, Spain a week later to manage a VR activation for a large automotive company.

The rest of the week was spent planning for the Spain trip and following up on new business emails.

Week 3:

VR Connects took place at The Brewery in central London, this had been an event we were involved with from the beginning and I was so proud to see it actually happen. I had my first experience compering a stage which was pretty exciting too! I made a whole bunch of mistakes but I learned a lot ready for the next time and opportunity like this comes along.

We had an interesting email come through. An account executive at a global PR firm had heard of us and mentioned our work to the higher ups. We were invited to meet the Head of the London office and the COO of the entire company.

This made our heads explode. We’re a small agency with no investment doing our own thing and we had ended up on the radar of the huge global agency. AND THEY WANTED TO SPEAK TO US!

So many phones…

I flew to Bilbao on the Thursday, spent the next 12
days managing a VR activation featuring 210 GearVRs, 210 Samsung S7’s and 400 delegates a day. It’s one of the biggest projects
we’ve worked on. It was pretty exciting.

Bilbao is also a beautiful place. Definitely recommend visiting if you get the chance.


Week 4: 

Still in Bilbao. I had learned some essential Spanish phrases by this point. Money ran out a lot quicker once I knew how to order beer.

Also, Sammy had the meeting with the big PR firm. They seemed really impressed, they want to fly her out to New York to the head office to talk in front of their clients about the use cases and benefits of virtual reality. Winner!

Week 5:

Landed back in the UK with an exciting avalanche of emails and to-dos waiting for me.

We got paid for the Bilbao gig and we were officially out of the business overdraft and into real money that doesn’t incur mammoth amount of interest. We had successfully dug ourselves out of the overdraft hole we had been in since October, I was proud.

Week 6:

Here we are in week 6. Attempting to write again.

It’s been a tiring but productive week so far. We’ve had long days in London, travelling in early and getting back to Southampton till midnight.

We’ve got a gig working with the BBC, it’s great doing work for the beeb because it’s the kind of company I can tell my parents about and they get really excited.

“Awww, my son is working with the BBC, he’s such a successful young lad. I must facebook this and make all my friends jealous”. – My mum doesn’t actually sound like that but it’s more fun to pretend.

So here we are. I’ve managed to write a whole blog. Hopefully it won’t be almost 5 weeks till the next one!


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