Giving my first masterclass.

Earlier in the year I received a phone call out of the blue from David Tree at the University of Hertfordshire.

David: “Hi, we’ve been told to talk to you. We’re looking for an expert to talk during two of masterclasses we’re running in mid-April.”

Me: “Ah okay, that sounds good. I’ll need to have a think, check my calendar and get back to you before I confirm though”

David: “It’s in Aarhus, Denmark and we’ll pay for all of your expenses. Food, travel and hotel.”

Me: “DEAL.”

The event was two back to back masterclasses – “VR Ready, AR You?” and “VR today & Tomorrow”.

The first masterclass was aimed at folks who did not know much about the creative industries and had no previous exposure to virtual reality. The second masterclass was for professionals from the creative industries stretching from illustrators to VFX artists and more, these folks had a better understanding of the VR industry and the technology.

I was pretty nervous, I’ve given numerous talks before but there was something about being overseas which made it seem much more nerve-racking.

Sadly my first talk wasn’t filmed but you can find the video of my second talk here. 
Yes, my walk on song was Shake it off by Taylor Swift. I regret nothing.

The city of Aarhus was amazing, the architecture was beautiful and everybody I met was lovely. I made the mistake of thinking the weather would be mild, I went out for dinner with only a thin hoodie protecting me from the elements. Big mistake!

Considering how beautiful the city was, I’m not surprised it currently boasts the title of “European City of Culture”. From the monolithic dockyard buildings, through quant european streets and over the huge modern buildings, the city has this amazing vibe. 10/10 would definitely go again. With more layers on next time…



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