Who am I? What is this site?

My name is Albert Millis but most people call me Bertie.

I am an entrepreneur, striving to build a business that straddles the marketing/advertising and virtual reality industries.

In 2015, I founded a specialist marketing consultancy that operates in the virtual reality industry. We provide marketing and creative services to VR content creators, hardware manufacturers and software developers. We provide consultancy services for larger agencies, sometimes they need an industry specialist and that’s where we come in.

It’s been a hell of a adventure and it’s a journey that I am nowhere near the end of. I was 20 years old when I started my journey and I’ve a made a lot of mistakes over the past years, the key is recognise them and learn from it.

My brain moves about 5x times faster than my mouth, sometime I just need to dump thoughts.

Don’t expect everything to be cohesive, don’t expect detailed and comprehensive musing on industry and entrepreneurship. I work a lot, I work hard and I have a lot of thoughts. You never know, there might be something worth reading in here somewhere…


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